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The Bitcoin Ecosystem

The power of collective intelligence. The power of collective ecosystems.

Internet of Value

New, interesting, and profitable value generating paradigms.

Trust Economy

Blockchain powered digital trust. Codified, quantified, calculated.

Decentralized Applications

Link together, build closer, exchange freely. Connect like never before.

Orbify.io is a global blockchain advisory consultancy that specializes in ecosystem-based platform-enabled business strategies.  Based in Toronto, Canada, Orbify.io strives to offer thought leadership surrounding blockchain applications in furtherance of the Trust Economy and Internet of Value (IoV).  Orbify.io aims to create broader awareness surrounding blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ecosystem-based business strategies through knowledge – ‘The Bitcoin Ecosystem’ published to Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, and other global bookstores via Blurb is the first in a series of texts to stimulate discussion around the future-shaping potential of these disruptive technologies and the pace of digital transformation.

Blockchain technology removes trust ambiguity in interactions & collapses the trust spectrum to a binary enterprise – either trust exists or it does not.

Trust EconomyThe Bitcoin Ecosystem

Business strategy has changed so overwhelmingly towards ecosystems, network effects, and demand-side economies of scale. This massive shift has been powered by exploiting communication pathways between a company and the broader ecosystem that the company is a part of.

EcosystemThe Bitcoin Ecosystem

Cryptocurrencies accessed via smartphones have the potential to become worldwide transaction gateways, portals to the global economy, allowing for greater levels of financial inclusivity.

Access to Equal Financial PossibilitiesThe Bitcoin Ecosystem

A smart contract is a tamper-proof, trackable, and irreversible record that combines both a contract and a transaction in one. The facilitation of smart contracts will be an important marker in a cryptocurrencies potential growth trajectory.

Smart ContractsThe Bitcoin Ecosystem

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